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Welcome to one of the best driving schools in Melbourne, RRS Driving School.

The ability to drive a car, gives you a the freedom to go anywhere with your car and not have to rely on public transport or rely on someone to drive you places. It also improves your lifestyle and helps in finding a job. However, as a driver, you are responsible for the safety your passengers, pedestrians, fellow motorists, public and private property and yourself.

RRS Driving school, works with you so that you will become a safe and responsible driver. We do this by providing a well developed training program that teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to become a confident driver and ace your driving test.


  • Over 10 years experience
  • Structured and well developed driver training
  • Patient and well spoken instructor
  • Late model vehicles with options of automatic or manual
  • Key2Drive accredited instructor
  • Timmon
    Was highly recommended by a friend who just got his license. Instructor is very professional and patient. He has a high focus on safety and sharing the road. He is very calm and positive. I would highly recommend him to anybody, male or female of any driving experience.
  • Ayngaran Ravi
    A down to earth instructor, makes learning to drive enjoyable and fun. Not only has driving become fun, Uncle Raj also makes sure that you drive safely on the roads. Highly recommended, and is overall an awesome mentor as well. Ps. if lucky, you will get to hear some of uncle's awesome stories and maybe even listen to some songs he sings - added bonus for sure!
  • Dandy Smith
    We used Ratna for one of our L2P Program in Dandenong and very happy with his services. Very patient instructors and guarantee that the learner will pass.
  • Soph Kein
    Defiantly recommend Ratnavel! Such an easy going, hardworking instructor who truly cares about his students, thanks ratnavel
  • Sarah Hess
    "Great service! Was very patient, had great techniques which were easy to remember and learn. Also very friendly, would recommend for new drivers"
  • Gladys Diaz
    Mr Raj is a great teacher!! Very patient and professional. Thank you for all your help in helping my son get his licence.
  • Ines Ivankovic
    100000% recommend, super nice and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons
  • Judith Emmanuel
    I'm highly recommended for you guys to take Mr. Raj as your instructor. Not just he will teach you about the driving, but he will give you a lessons of life as well. He's a motivator, a very positive guy. Last but not least, he's a good friend
  • Diyãnî Wíjewàrdãnë
    I would absolutely recommend Mr.Raj to everyone. Not only he is a driving instructor but also he is very very kind,patient person especially Whenever I made silly mistakes he had patience like nowhere � � ..And uncle Raj not an instructor who goes behind money or teaching us only for test . Always he make sure we will drive safely afterwards and while every driving sessions he give life lessons as well. Overall he is very supportive and motivate..I just want give big thanks to you uncle Raj. For your knowledge and support to pass my test. ..
  • I would highly recommend the instructor for any one embarking on their journey towards getting their drivers license.I started out as a novice driver, thanks to the instructor who patiently taught me the skills to get my license.He not only focused on passing the exam but kept on re-enforcing me to become a safe driver. I also rang around a few other instructors in my area to get the rates, before starting with this instructor but found his rate reasonable.Thanks again for all the valuable lessons you provided.
  • From the moment I met Mr Raj, he was so polite and patience. All he wants is his students to drive well and safely. His positively gave me motivation and confidence to do well! Thank you for all the support and believing in me! Highly recommend!!!
  • Maureen Benedict
    ***Brilliant Instructor*** I initially never wanted to learn to drive as the thought of driving has always made me feel quite anxious. However, I knew I had to learn to drive. I heard from a friend that this instructor was the best and I booked lessons with him. I was very nervous initially but he made me feel less stressed about the idea of driving. He was very patient with me, helped me overcome my fear, helped me gain confidence, and motivated me to ensure I do not give up. Now I have my driving licence and thanks to his help. He is a professional, polite and friendly driving instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone.
  • Imasha
    I always get a sense that Mr.Raj cares for his students’ lives and all the things that involve in driving. I just want to admire all that he does for his students. Not everyone can be good at teaching. It takes lot of patience and passion.. So you are doing absolutely great.. Thank you uncle for your support!!!!!
  • Isha
    This man's real passion for teaching is reflected through his incredible patience, understanding nature and catering for each student's learning style. I have been with top rated driving schools previously. However after the first lesson with Mr Ratne, I realised that he covered 10 lessons (previous school) worth of material in one and for a reasonable cost. It is rarely that we meet someone who gives out of the goodness of his heart and whose sole aim is for us to perform well. Mr Ratne deserves more credit and recognition than he receives.
  • Corey
    Just awesome, Raj is a very happy and relaxed driving instructor who has a lot of patience and makes you feel in control of the car, thank you so much. I highly recommend this service to other Learner Drivers!